Megalomaniac had death at the press of a button, he'd declared war on the rest of the world and he wasn't backing down now. The world hadn't taken him seriously, hadn't met his demands, he'd have to show the world fear and harm.

Head of a multinational, fifth richest man on earth, it was never enough, he always wanted more, needed to be the best, wanted everyone to call him sir.Sod ethics and morality, everyone else is dirt.

With money from his lies, he pointed warheads to the skies, buried himself out of harms way and gave the world a chance.

No one paid attention to this voice shouting loud and mankind met its greatest fear, the mushroom cloud.

He stayed underground and waited for the dust to clear; he had done what he said he would and showed the world fear.

Now they knew he was serious, he meant what he said, they wouldn't stop him, and all would kneel before him and hail him as their god. He would be the greatest, have total control, no one would touch him, and no one would dare.

So he left his safe haven to claim what was his.

The sun's rays hit his eyes and he surveyed his prize.

His ambition drained away, nothing but the grey and dust of rubble remained.

No sound, no movement, nothing.

In his rush for power and glory he had not stopped to think. He had achieved ultimate power, held the world to ransom, but there was no one left to pay.

He wandered his deserted kingdom for five desperate days, desperately seeking something.

A voice came from the wilderness, floating on the breeze.

He confronted its source and told it to obey.

'Don't you know who I am?'

'Don't you know what I have done?'

'why don't you bow before me, why don't you quake with fear?'

'Don't you know who I am?'

The voice pressed a knife to his throat and looked deep into his eyes, it said,

'Yes, I know who you are and what you have done, and I don't give a damn. You're powerless now, just a man like me.'

'I have one thing I want to tell you one thing to say before I bring you to your knees, Touché.'