Let down the wall, try not to use a piano, you'll amaze yourself.

Take care to keep them straight; whilst not easy it's within reach.

Run mobile discos, but it's pointless my guru told me.

All you need is cash and the girls like it, I never realised it would become a clichÈ.

Some of them have bits of me, evidently the line to use next time.

Rubbing away the planets and playing rhythm guitar, the 90's were a good idea.

Fantasies of eyes on stalks and by coincidence we rode a scooter.Ah well, let them.

On their return they were History, the best thing really.

Electronic pop signed, and shampoo gave me a job she admits.

I'll design ties for Bloomingdales, giving the meal a miss.

The truth is, in essence becoming more complex.

Gold spawned a kind of gritty voice in my mind, only to remerge smirking.

The boys found the day laminated, just like the film.