I've been using buffer for ages, but not got around to writing anything about it, so now I met appear to be following the pack somewhat.

I go through phases of having time to read through news and blogs, generally with a few days between opportunities. So I'll find a bunch of articles and links I want to share across one or more social networks but don't really want to share, say 20 at once. Enter buffer. It allows you to 'buffer' (or post immediately) several social shares across your networks and even set the times they should go out for maximum effect or just some space in between.

It currently works with Facebook (personal and pages), twitter, LinkedIn and app.net, provides analytics on your posts, has some pretty solid mobile apps and browser plugins and is free for a limited amount of posts and accounts that should suit most non social media professionals, I like it so much I might even upgrade to premium despite not needing to.