I’ve been a really slack blogger, not having written anything for a while. I thought I should do some kind of update rather than simply leave my blog languishing, so here goes.

I’m still happily living in Berlin. We’ve been here over a year now and still enjoying the many benefits that Berlin has to offer.

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been doing more tech writing, primariliy for ReadWrite and periodically for Sitepoint.  I really enjoy it, I get to research fascinating topics and talkt o many interesting people. Here’s a few of my favourite articles:

Occasionally I get the urge to write something that doesn’t quite fit for the publications that pay me, so I’ll be adding some of those articles on medou

I still enjoy cooking though my next cookbook is on indefinite hiatus. The reality is that it is difficult to make a living in the food industry, especially in Berlin for a range of reasons. The biggest is  that the labour involved in many cases in teaching cooking classes, writing cookbooks, working in catering or whathaveyou does not match the actual money you make. And we all need to make a certain amount of money to pay our rent, pay bills etc. Good old reality!

How have I been

My health has been a bit odd. I’m facing another double fasciotomy due to chronic compartment syndrome which I’m not looking forward to so have been putting it off. It’s one of those things that doesn’t hurt too much unless I want to move around a lot so of course it’s easy to avoid exercise. Bad excuse really.

I had a bit of a odd experience recently. I developed a brain infection from viral encephalitis. In my case this was caused by the chicken pox virus. If you ever have had the chicken pox or cold sores, a version of the virus sits dormant in your body then can decide to show it’s head when you have a lowered immune system. Most people get shingles, I got encephalitis. Basically i spent two weeks in hospital on a drip- 4 bags of drugs at once every 3 hours (so exciting). I was quite comfortable pain wise etc except for the woeful Deutsch tv and the food that was rather challenging at times. It was quite stressful yet boring being in hospital especially with the language barrier-medical terms are not something you learn at german school.


Ahh the delights of hospital food


Have I been travelling?



Chris and I in Nürnberg

Yes! I’ve been to Lake Tahoe for Linux Open Source Summit. A trip to Barcelona. We spent the weekend in Nürnberg- a beautiful city! [



Anything else?

Not that i can think of! I’m still on twitter and facebook of course.