2015-03-22 08.18.32

I picked up these spice jars in a market in Plagwitz, Leipzig.

It’s been a state of flux in my kitchen this month! We were approved for a rental property in Berlin on Tuesday last week and we moved on the following Friday! So we’ve been in our new place for a week today.

A quick move meant that we needed to pack and move our things but also buy quite a lot of stuff. We got a fridge, microwave and washing machine and lots of furniture (we’re were living in furnished rentals in Leipzig). In Germany rental properties are typically rented out long term and left pretty much bare with the intent that people can make the place their own but most revert it to it’s original state upon vacancy.

In a kitchen you typically need to bring your own benches, cupboards etc and often sinks and ovens. (This place came with an oven and sink luckily). You also ┬áneed to provide you own light fittings and light bulbs in most properties (you literally move in to wires sticking out of the wall) so I was very happy to be when the electrician we’d hired installed ours!

2015-04-03 14.33.07

This is our rather messy kitchen (well it will remain so until we get more storage). Berlin has been really windy and stormy so the pics aren’t great, sorry!

2015-04-03 11.05.52

The kitchen has a tiny pantry (I wonder if it was originally used for preserves?). We’re using it for storing coats and cleaning equipment right now.

The first thing I cooked in our oven was a simple veggie bake. I added chickpeas also and it was really tasty. Will write a up a simple recipe when I have time.

2015-03-29 16.59.58


Before I left Leipzig, I cooked up a Moroccan chickpea soup for my next recipe ebook.



2015-03-27 18.41.11


Ingredients for a simple pasta dish:

2015-03-15 12.40.49


I also made my own hot cross buns. You can find my recipe here:



So yes, it’s been a rather big month. Can’t wait to spend more time cooking.

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