Kitty tested (but you can’t buy cats from Rewe)

It was really hard for us when our cat Mr Pablo was put to sleep in January. He had a great life of 18 years (4 with us after we adopted him from an older lady moving to a nursing home) but we have been missing him terribly. So we made the decision to get another cat.


Who are you? Where am I?

There’s a few ways to get your own cat here:

**[The Tier Schutz

](https://www.tierschutz-berlin.de)** The Tier Schutz is basically the local animal shelter for Berlin. It houses all kinds of animals and is located on the outskirts of Berlin. A cost costs between approx 60€ and 100€ and there is some paperwork including the Checkliste zur Vermittlung von Katzen. None of the questions are difficult, is really is just common sense. We decided against going here because we don’t drive and the journey would take over an hour from where we live including a ten minute and a twenty minute walk to get there (each way). We were concerned about this impact on the new cat!


** Small cat charities

** There is a number of cat charities in Berlin including Samtpfoten Neukölln e.V and Tiershutzverein e.V . We contacted Samtpfoten after seeing a lovely kitty on facebook that had been with them for some time. I sent two emails, numerous Facebook messages -including direct messages under their request to adopt the cat-and two voicemails and only heard back a few weeks later than the cat had been adopted. I’ve heard others have had similar experiences unfortunately!

The arrangements with the smaller charities vary. I know with Samtpfoten that the arrangements to get a cat were quite laborious requiring two visits to the shelter, a home inspector and eventually the cat staff bringing the cat over. The impression I got is that you were adopting that can but it could be taken back if they weren’t happy with your experience.

Having a balcony cat proofed is a big thing in Berlin with so many people living in apartments. Netting and other devices are sold through pet shops and you can even get a person to come and kitty proof your windows and balcony.


** Expat groups where people need to leave Berlin suddenly and are unable to take their cat with them are an option. There’s also this group (created after we got our new kitty) . The advantage here is that you can meet the owner and get to know the cat in it’s natural environment before he/she comes to live with you.

[<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-765" src="/images/atc-migrate/2015/04/1513271101526619670562499056355815281973518n.jpg" alt="1513271101526619670562499056355815281973518n" width="640" height="640" />](https://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/stadt/berlin)

Ginger on her first day home! She was really wary of her new surroundings. 

Kleinanzeigen on ebay.

Kleinanzeigen is basically like an online trading post. You do need to read through the cat listings carefully as some are breeders wanting to sell cats rather than unwanted cats. We found our lovely Miss Ginger on here. I emailed her owner a few times, we went to visit him and family and got to know the cat. Then we went over to collect the cat and he kindly drove us all home to Prenzlauer berg.

It was great being able to build a relationship with Ginger’s new owner, we still email each other occasionally as we’ve only had her for a month. We know her favourite food, we’ve got all her kitty bowls, litter, scratching post etc and all her medical records and her EU passport.

She took a week or two to settle in to her new surroundings, but she’s a delight and loves spending time sitting on the back of the couch or on the bookcase or smelling flowers on the balcony. Her favourite place to sleep is in the middle of the bed under the covers, especially when the weather is gloomy. So happy to have a cat again!