1. I’m left handed. I blame this for my inability to crochet, write neatly on whiteboards and blackboards, use a can opener and cut out material with sewing scissors.
  2. Every morning I start the day with a mug of earl grey tea. During the week my husband brings it to me. On the weekends I’m on tea and coffee¬†making duty.


](/images/atc-migrate/2015/04/tumblrmtky9jrQVt1r708wbo1500.jpg) (Pic from here) 3. As a child I had a fear of men with beards. There’s several photos of me sitting on Santa’s lap at some shopping centre weeping terrified tears. I’m not overly fond of them still. 4. I always thought hangovers would be less vicious as I aged. It’s sadly untrue. 5. I am chronically untidy. This also does not improve with age but a nagging husband helps me keep it in check. 6. I have had two operations (well two on each leg) on my legs in the last year. I still have trouble walking but the pain is much less. 7. My favourite flowers are blue hydrangeas.

_[<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-754" src="/images/atc-migrate/2015/04/cape-cod-rte-6a-blue-hydrangeas-july-20-2010.jpg" alt="cape-cod-rte-6a-blue-hydrangeas-july-20-2010" width="360" height="480" />](/images/atc-migrate/2015/04/cape-cod-rte-6a-blue-hydrangeas-july-20-2010.jpg)_

_( Pic from [here](https://2in10.net/mindfulness-and-healing/ "blue hydrangeas"))_
  1. I have no idea how to drive. But I can ride a bike.
  2. I’m not a morning person but I’m not much good at night either. Hmmm…

    1. i am a terrible procrastinator. I’ve been working on this patchwork quilt for about three years. Maybe this will be the year to finish it?

    10675682_10152668943606249_1700955721471321909_n 11. One of my strangest jobs was working with people with hoarding problems (cleaning not therapy). 12. I always work best with background noise: podcasts, tv shows, music, radio plays… 13. Quiet libraries are my happy place. A library with a bar would be heaven. 14. The worst thing about writing a novel is the fear that no one will read it. 15. I miss having a clothesline, I liked seeing the washing blowing in the breeze. 16. I used to hit people in my sleep. Gave one partner a black eye. I have no recollection of doing this. 17. I find all sports mind numbingly boring. 18. I hate peanuts, kale, coriander and beer. 19. My favourite instrument is the harpsichord. 20. Living in Germany I really miss Vegemite. Must make a trip to the Australia shop.


This post was inspired by Chantelle’s post here