I have often made edible gifts for people for Christmas, especially when I am teaching preserving classes and am keen to try out new recipes. I actually really enjoy giving and receiving handmade goods. There are so many benefits: seasonal excess food can be turned into something wonderful,  you can cook for an afternoon with a glass of wine instead of a trip to a shopping centre, you get the pleasure of making things with your very own hands. Having a few jars of preserves or cordial is always a great way to ensure you have gifts for any unexpected people or situations.

I’ve put together a weird and wonderful range of recipes from jams to cordials to donuts. Have a look, there might be something you would like.

Jams and preserves:

Tomato kasundi

Pickled beetroot

Onion jam


Spicy pickled cucumbers


Strawberry and rosewater jam

Pear and vanilla bean jam
Egg free lemon butter


Strawberry cordial

Rose cordial

Pineapple cordial

Lemon and Barley cordial

Ginger beer

Baked goods:

Chickpea brine meringues
Beetroot bread
No knead bread
Vegan baked donuts
Chocolate cauliflower brownies
Lemon poppyseed cake
Seedy flapjacks
Vegan fruit and nut biscotti
Chocolate Bier cake