There’s something exciting about starting anew in a new country. There’ll be some big shifts besides the obvious ones like language and culture, like living in an apartment. I’ve lived in a couple of ground floor flats but never an apartment in a multifloor dwelling with a lift! 

The place we are renting is small (55m square) by Australian standards but it’s a good start for us. It’s cheap, comes with all mod cons (even a dishwasher which I’ve never had and am looking forward to using for sterilising jars before preserving). 

It’s a time of continual decluttering in preparation for small space living. We are of course, selling as much as we can to fund our travels (Mr Pablo’s journey is more than ours). We’ve held two successful garage sales with at least another to follow. I’ve been selling off my art work including some of my own creations. 

These embroideries  are of lyrics of some of my favourite Smiths lyrics. I’ve exhibited these a couple of times at different exhibitions. Ive sold the others in the series and I’m selling these for $50 each. 





So this post is not just a selling post of me hawking my wares, here’s a few things from around that have been holding my attention.

How amazing is this property, featured on The Design Files? And compared to the before images it just floors me! 


Love this DIY repair of a delapidated wall. Reminds me of one of my favourite DIY jobs ever




The image doesn’t seem to be on Kelli’s blog anymore but you can read about it still. I’d love to do this to a couch! 


This book by Gabrielle Galimberti featuring children and their favourite toys. 

Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say” by , The Washington Post.

“When the French clock off at 6pm, they really mean it”, by Lucy Mangan, The Guardian