A couple of weekends ago Chris and I headed to Hobart for a relaxed long weekend. We stayed in South Hobart, in a sleepy picturesque area in a lovely self-contained cottage with a lovely comfy bed, a high pressure shower, well stocked kitchen (for kitchenware) and comfortable light filled lounge room. It was a much need opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and spend some time together. It was conveniently located close to a gourmet food store so we stocked up on cheese, artisan bread, a plethora of dips and pickled food and fiery ginger beer and craft apple ciders. South Hobart was just simply beautiful and I spent much time enjoying looking at beautiful homes.

On Saturday we visited some of the usual suspects like Lark Distillery and Salamanca Markets




   We also went along to MONA via ferry. It’s pretty much everything everyone says it is, at time dark and disturbing, at other times, light and enlightening. To be honest I found a lot of it a bit creepy and sinister, perhaps more to do with the mood I was in than anything else! 

Roger Ballan’s work was particularly creepy

(images from here)

Afterwards we enjoyed a session of wine tasting at the winery attached to Mona then caught the ferry back to Hobart to enjoy an evening of telly, patchwork (well me) and gourmet pasta.


Sunday included a well deserved sleep in, and breakfast in South Hobart. Chris wouldn’t let me take a pic of my meal but whilst the menu was rather egg heavy ( I don’t eat eggs) I appreciated that they tried to combine a variety of flavours and make breakfast a bit more interesting. This was followed by a meander into Salamanca where we attended March in March (yes, we’re probably the only people to attend a rally on holidays).

We also went along to The Market, a local artisan craft market which was held at a Freemanson’s Hall. I’ve never been to one so I was rather intrigued:

I was also quite taken by this cushion but had to avoid the sale as it would be one more thing to ship overseas…

Sunday was a bit less interesting after these events as we found that most of the shops and bars were closed. Rather frustrating but we ended up at a pub a bit further out (lots of hill walking) where I enjoyed a couple of glasses of sangria and a read on a comfy couch. I enjoy reading in pubs, some people may find it a bit antisocial but luckily we both enjoy reading.

We intended to go for a last dinner out but struggled to find anywhere open that we wanted to eat at. So it was a quick stop at the city supermarket for the ingredients for a quick veg curry. Followed by the rest of our cheese and some salted chocolate and a funny movie on the telly.

As a pet lover I loved this front door of a local Veterinarian…