I was reading Pip Lincolne’s Meet me at Mikes blog  and she discussed the idea that blogs are more skimmed these days than read and commented upon and people are slow to celebrate those who inspire them in blog land. I’ve been blogging for a few years on and off, starting in about 2006. Blogging’s an interesting endeavour.

 I used to post a lot about my crafty creations, something I rarely have time to do anymore beyond making door snakes for Green Renters and bits of pieces that charm me from the internet. I don’t do a full confessional kind of trajectory, I’m in the public enough through my work. I’m child free, so I’m not a mummy blogger. I’m not a design/house/architecture fetishist thought I love skimming through pics of houses, my financial status and rental life makes it akin to reading magazines (something I rarely do). I’m just me, bumbling along, with a charity we’re about to wind up, a husband and a cat . I  enjoy cooking and going out and reading and I’m  planning for an overseas move and a fictional book I’m writing. I don’t really fit a category.  Maybe you’re a bit like this too? 

At any rate, I wanted to share a few who inspire. 

A Girl Called Jack, Jack Monroe



Jack is awesome. After experiencing severe financial hardship, she started documenting low cost nutritious recipes to help other people in similar situations. She started writting and speaking about the realities of poverty in modern Britain, becoming a spokesperson for thousands. She stands up to politicans, challenges the assumptions about the unemployed and food banks and now she has her head above water, supports the campaigns of others against poverty. She has a recipe book coming out any day now.

Definatalie, Natalie Perkins





Brilliant artist and fat activist, Natalie is someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now. She and her husband Nick even house sat for us on occasion! Natalie writes (albeit infrequently) about the realities of life with mental illness and life as an artist. I was particularly impressed when she eschewed the trappings of the fatshionista blog scene noting

 Under the guise of inclusivity, fatshion is really just encouraging the divorce between politics and embodiment; it’s hamstrung by brands and in the same trap as the “straight sized” world.”

Planet vegmel, assorted bloggers, Melbourne

A collection of vegan and vegetarian bloggers that are Melbourne based aggregate their blogs here to share recipes, challenges, restaurant recipes and related foodie goodness. 

Some of my favourite recipes have been Michael and Cindy’s (from Where’s the Beef ) vegan sausage rolls and Johanna’s (from Green Gourmet Giraffe) broccoli and hazelnut burgers.


A Beautiful Mess, by Elsie and Emma

ABM is a lifestyle blog covering travelling, DIY crafts and creativity, cooking and cocktails, home life and the realities of small business America. At times the American tone makes me wince but I love the authentic voices, diversity of topics, and gorgeous pics. They’re business owners, book authors, fashion and decor designers and  write a blog that millions of people, have produced a  #1 selling app and to sum up a million dollar business. Food for thought.