Bit of a quiet albeit all over the place week this week. I had my mobile phone stolen from a cafe a couple of days ago so I haven’t been able to take photos of all the yummy foods I’ve been making (almond milk, cashew yogurt, tempeh) in preparation for this weekend’s class. Lots of fermenting which I enjoy and cooking of soy beans.

I’m also trying to sort through the zillion different gluten free flours I have to combine and make something edible. A quick (too scared to delve too deeply) peruse of the shelf in the pantry and I found:







-Wheat flours.

Will need to do some research. I was in a wholefoods store yesterday (buying Nutritional Yeast) and I saw pea and lentil flour. Curiouser and curiouser!

Still trying to cull household stuff in preparation for the move to Germany. I really should be working on my appalling language skills. I’ve been struggling a lot with insomnia which doesn’t help my focus and concentration.

Busy working on a few different workshops and organising a¬†Preserving the ¬†Harvest event in March in Northcote where people can come and learn but also teach their own recipes. Will make a poster tomorrow I think. I’ve also got a heap of workshops over the next few weeks with the Sustainable Living Festival. Green Renters are not doing a stall this year at the Festival, like many people we speak to, we find that the ‘big weekend’ tends to attract the converted and it’s been blisteringly hot and unpleasant the last two years which has dropped numbers. A lot of (unpaid) effort for little return.

Going for my first swimming lesson tomorrow night, a Christmas gift from my husband. I can swim, just with rather poor technique. I’m hoping it will help with my breathing and build up my stamina to swim more than a handful of laps. I enjoy swimming, quite meditative.

Better fly, off to dinner with a friend.